Tour price for 1 person On request

This program is a tour around the south of Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and the Pacific Ocean which combines heli-skiing, snowmobile safari and marine adventure.

You are in for descending down the mountains and volcanoes, flight to an uninhabited island, freeride into the crater of an active volcano, seeing the coast of the Pacific Ocean, watching the natural wonder – volcano inside the volcano, and a lot of other breathtaking impressions!

A week-long HELI-SKI program includes daily riding. Number of freerides depends on weather conditions, group training level, selected riding area, number of group members and their wishes.

Program period in 2020:

May 01 – 10

Terms of payment:

Advance booking payment 50%.
Final payment is effected at least 15 days before the beginning of the tour.

Accommodation near the riding area
Exclusive places for riding
Three meals a day
Swimming in hot thermal springs
Tour price for 1 person On request
Estimated schedule:
Terms of refund for unfulfilled riding program:
  • The group may insist on flight to the riding area against the guides’ advice and in instable weather conditions. Such a decision should be made together with the crew and on the basis of the Flight Safety Rules and Requirements and real weather forecast. In case any riding program is not fulfilled due to real weather conditions, safety considerations etc. no refund is made.
  • No refund is made for any freerides not performed due to other reasons (such as gear malfunctioning, physical condition, late departure or early arrival through the customer’s fault etc.).